Released under the Eclipse Public License

Basic machine learning toolkit. `` is the root namespace and provides train/predict pathways based on datasets and an options map. Please see the xgboost article for a quick runthough of how to use this library.


To install, add the following dependency to your project or build file:

[techascent/ "6.019"]



Namespace to require to enable a set of smile classification models.

Public variables and functions:

Namespace to require to enable a set of smile regression models

Public variables and functions:


    Require this namespace to get xgboost support for classification and regression. Defines a full range of xgboost model definitions and supports xgboost explain functionality.

    Public variables and functions:

    Simple machine learning based on tech.v3.dataset functionality.

    Gridsearching as defined by create a map with gridsearch definitions for its values and then gridsearching which produces a sequence of full defined maps.

    Public variables and functions:

    Simple loss functions.

    Public variables and functions:

    Excellent metrics tools from the cortex project.